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  • R. Javadi, A. Nikabadi, On the Parameterized Complexity of Sparsest Cut and Small-set Expansion Problems, 18 pages,

  • R. Javadi, F. Fallah, E. Poorhadi, On packing for triples, 18 pages, Submitted.

  • R. Javadi, S. Ashkboos, Multi-way sparsest cut problem on trees with a control on the number of parts and outliers, 14 pages, Submitted.
  • R. Javadi, S. Ashkboos, An efficient parallel data clustering algorithm using isoperimetric number of trees, 12 pages, Manuscript. 

Papers in Refreed Journals

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Books (in farsi)

  • B. Omoomi and R. Javadi, Combinatorial games, Jahad Daneshgahi, 2010 (in Farsi).
  • R. Javadi, TeX Tutorial, Amoozeshhaye Bonyadi, 2012 (in Farsi).

Papers in Conferences

  • R. Javadi and S. Hajebi, Structure of claw-free graphs and its clique covering, IPM Combinatorics and Computing Conference, Tehran, May 16-18, 2017. (invited speaker)

  • A. Davoodi, R. Javadi and B. Omoomi, Bounds on Some Variants of Clique Cover Numbers.  46th Annual Iranian Mathematical Conference, Yazd University, August 25-28, 2015.

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